This page is still IN PROCESS ... (more images to follow) After re-locating to St Dogmaels ( a fishing village in West Wales) I found myself being woken each morning by the sound of Corvids... Just Like starlings they play... and, each morning they would land on my roof, call and dance in the sky ..their rituals, their flocking, connections and their joy would melt my heart. I decided to buy a new camera with a decent lens so I connect with them more closely and see if I could photograph them.... My camera came without instruction.. I could of asked for one but I just...didn't. I learnt how to press buttons to take shots and that was it ( it probably does amazing things that I have not yet discovered)... The simplicity of not getting caught up in pixel size/light and whatever other technical things, then photo shopping to creat/tweak an image gave me a SPACE.. In that SPACE, a Guidance... an intuitive direction and so I let the camera guide me when and where to shoot... I have spent a year in St Dogmaels obsessively taking 1000's of images. Like my Intuitive Paintings... the images reveal something..beyond the surface... there are Stories... Faces...Beings... Dreamlike Magical Essences appear. I feel they reveal themselves easily to those who open their hearts to them. Try... clicking on an image that perhaps looks like a body of water or a tree and then breathe....soften your focus... wait... allow another image to appear to you- what do you see? :) As an Extra sensory, I have long seen, felt and known that there is much, much more than this dimensional reality. AWAKENING to Who we really are and the Spirit of All Things around us is becoming increasingly important at this time, on this planet. Seeing and Opening our hearts to the Spirit of All Things can help us love and care more fully and deeply for each other ourselves and the current Fragility of this Earth. I include here a small example of a wide range of the 1000's of images taken over a 1 year period. Some are Abstract and Surreal, some quite ordinary but I invite you to look deeply at what looks unrecognisable perhaps and see that is revealed to you. I have been living near Poppit Sands... Poppit has a special energy, especially to the left side of the Beach... which is less accessed by people... I sense it's energy as Skeletal...Serpent like and holds ritual movement and visitors and is overseen by its Rock and Bird Guardians. All IMAGES ARE FOR SALE. Various sized are available and are professionally printed with lasting inks on quality papers. You can buy direct from me Framed or Unframed (with mounts). Pls use the contact page for queries and prices.