Self Photography. This page is IN PROCESS more images are to follow Traditionally women have been the subjects of Photographers and as such, often objectified. I find a kind of empowerment in being a woman and photographing myself. Paradoxically many of my images are created by surrendering 'power' or control over what and how I am photographed. My intention is not particularly objectification more investigation. I began pointing a camera at myself with questions... Photographs are mysterious and I find, magical they can offer aspects of ourselves that we do not or will not recognise. This journey has brought surprising gifts of unraveling energies alive and dormant, capturing aspects of the psyche, contacting trauma that lay on the edge of consciousness, excavating ancestral themes of the sacred feminine. While my work is highly personal I see is as representational of womanhood, political and deeply spiritual. I have created 100's of images over a 9 year period.